Commentary on Chapter 1 *Noah’s Family ~ The Story of Mankind – Pt. 2

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Source: Commentary on Chapter 1 *Noah’s Family ~ The Story of Mankind – Pt. 2

Why Noah’s Family?

July 2012 marks the publishing date of a provocative literary project called Noah’s Family ~ The Story of Mankind – One Race, Many Nations.  It became a book based upon what we believed to be a Divine Revelation or an magnificent epiphany.  It was a disclosure about the origin of nations, their progenitors who became eponyms.  Although the Holy Bible is not a history book it does contain historical people, places, and things.  One orator has referred to the Holy Bible as the Divine Library and I have discovered it to be just that.  I have found within it corridors of truth much wisdom, understanding, and knowledge.

As a student of World History I have discovered it to be tremendously accurate.  The Genesis Report or the Book of Genesis states that a man by, the name of Noah was commissioned to proclaim a particular message and build an ark made of gopher wood.  His name meant relief, rest or redeem.  His sons were Shem, Ham, and Japheth.  From those three brothers until today the human race have emerged and made human history for several thousand years.  Every skin tone, color, and complexion on earth evolved from the DNA of these very ancient ancestors.

I am persuaded that this accounting is filled with wisdom, logic, and is very sound.  Every cultural and sovereign nation that can be identified no matter what continent, language or dialect have a common origin.  There is large scale evidence that the dominant characteristics and abilities of each brother is still very much present in the world’s population.  These dominant characteristics and abilities have been the building blocks of human civilization.  Racism is a foolish thing it makes no sense and is down right illogical.  It divides humanity from its true potential of working together for the betterment of mankind.

Racism has no scientific basis it is mere folly!  There are no superior nations or inferior ones.  There are just simply many nations but one human race.  The true united nations platform and policy is to recognize that Noah’s Family means the human family which is the human race.  Noah’s Family requires one to have a global understanding and embrace the Creator’s view of a diverse humanity.  Racism has been taught as a form of dark indoctrination and now must be untaught.  By using the light of spiritual truth and knowledge supported by real World History.
























The Shadow of a Tree

This site under the title Ready Scribe will be a miscellaneous one.  We will attempt write about various titles from the sacred to secular, spiritual truths to natural facts, and family thoughts at all levels.  This post will be based upon a tweet selected from the African Proverbs Twitter account.  “When the shadow of a tree is bent, straighten the tree, not the shadow.” – African Proverbs –

We, as human beings often do just that when it comes to solving problems effecting humanity.  Our eyes are often distracted by the crooked shadow and not the crooked tree which is why a distorted shadow would be cast.   It seems as though many of us are inclined to treat the symptom of the problem rather than the root cause.  As with anything especially with good health just treating the symptom of a condition or malady is really not enough.  It is really a temporary fix and one will not have lasting success.

Let us look at nature and observe how in the Plant Kingdom most vegetation has a root system.  If you really desire to solve any problem you must properly troubleshoot the situation make the necessary evaluations then proceed to implement changes.  More than likely in order to correct the bent shadow the problem solver will have to correct the crooked tree.   Simply, put don’t just treat the symptoms of all of life’s problems take a real good look at the root of the problem.  Then proceed forward!